Tallawong, Sydney, NSW

Master Residual Stock Facility

  • PCF Class-1 Units provide investors with the opportunity to participate in a $18.18m cash advance master residual stock facility (the "Loan") to Bathla Group. 

  • The Loan is secured by a registered first mortgage over 21 freehold, completed houses in Tallawong, Sydney NSW 2762 ("Security Properties"). In addition, the Loan is secured by a first ranking General Security Agreement over the Borrower and personal guarantee from the sole director of the Borrower.

  • As Security Properties are sold, the Borrower or a related entity may apply to the Lender to substitute new security properties ("Substitute Security Properties"). The Lender may accept or reject Substitute Security Properties at its discretion. Any new security is subject to 360 Capital Credit Committee approval and conditions precedent including but not limited to independent valuation, legal and physical due diligence and any other conditions usual of a facility of this nature.

  • The Loan is serviced monthly, allowing for distributions to be paid quarterly in arrears over the 12-month term. 


Investment Details

  • Target Return

    9.75% p.a.

  • Loan to Value Ratio


  • Term

    12 Months

  • Minimum Investment


Full details, unique to each investment, are provided to Investors in a Supplementary Information Memorandum.