360 Capital Enhanced Income Fund (ASX: TCF)

6.00%* p.a.

Target Return

Monthly Distributions



Target capital raise

Fund overview.

Private credit is a growing alternative asset class for Australian and New Zealand investors, driven by a funding gap as traditional lenders continue to retreat from corporate loan markets.

What we invest in.

We invest directly in corporate loans to middle market Australian and New Zealand borrowers. Our clients are private and public corporates with long track records, proven management teams and defensive cash flows. Private credit investing supports Australian and New Zealand corporates with M&A, business expansion, growth and working capital.

The benefits.

Private credit provides an income investment with a focus on capital preservation and loss minimisation. Loans are secured against the cash flows and assets of established corporates which provides structural protections compared to other asset classes. The fund aims to generate stable monthly income for investors with exposures diversified by industry and borrower.

*The Target Return is a target only and may not be achieved. Future returns are not guaranteed and a loss of principal may occur.

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