Identifying alternative,
strategic investment opportunities.

360 Capital Group is an ASX-listed, investment and funds management group, focused on strategic and active investment management of alternative assets.

An alternative approach to wealth creation

360 Capital prides itself on being a progressive, future-focused group, striving to better meet the evolving needs of a dynamic investor community. Breaking with tradition, we seek to look beyond conventional avenues for investment, providing a range of funds and opportunities for forward-thinking investors that allow them to play a transformative role in Australian and global economies.

A modern group with a non-hierarchical structure, 360 Capital seeks to break down the mystique of investing in a fund through transparency, honesty and clear and open communication. We invite both existing investors and interested parties to speak to one of our fund managers directly to determine what role 360 Capital can play in your journey toward success. Contact us at our Sydney offices on +61 2 8405 8860 or email us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.