360 Capital Group’s private equity strategy aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns from investments that are not publicly listed. Investments are executed after in-depth research and analysis (encompassing factors such as financial position, corporate strategy, capabilities and culture, and competitive position / dynamics). Ongoing oversight and management of each investment is performed, including implementation of growth strategies, and corporate change where appropriate. This may include financial restructuring / capital management, operational restructuring, industry consolidation or other changes. Investments are concluded through the execution of an optimised exit strategy.

Investments are typically structured into Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Thus, they provide sophisticated investors (with an investment time horizon of 3 to 7 years) access to private equity investments – which would typically be inaccessible except to institutions and the very wealthy.

360 Capital’s equity investment professionals have an extensive track record in active investing in both private and public companies, which has generated strong investment returns for investors.

Current Funds
360 Capital Cardioscan Trust

The fund provides investors a unique opportunity to have access to an actively managed global portfolio of data centre related securties, which ultimately provide investors exposure to the revenues and capital growth of over 600 data centres worldwide and located in over 38 countries.

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What we invest in

We will invest predominately in small and mid-tier public companies, both domestic and internationally, can be either controlling or minority stakes.

Our strategy may include partnering with our private equity funds and corporate credit funds to provide a total capital solution to our partners and investors