360 Capital Group’s private credit strategy aims to deliver investors regular income with a focus on capital preservation. Through active origination, in depth due diligence and analysis and rigorous ongoing portfolio management, private credit delivers investor superior risk adjusted returns.  

Private credit continues to be one of the fastest growing alternative asset classes in Australia and is a well established income alternative globally. Our private credit investments and portfolio construction is designed to provide investors diversification through industry, borrower and investments. Our investments cover the breath of private credit and include senior debt, mezzanine finance and structured credit. 

360 Capital’s investment professionals have an extensive track record in delivering strong returns to investors through diverse experience in banking, funds management and risk management.

Current Funds
360 Capital Enhanced Income Fund

We invest directly in corporate loans to middle market Australian and New Zealand borrowers. Our clients are private and public corporates with long track records, proven management teams and defensive cash flows. Private credit investing supports Australian and New Zealand corporates with M&A, business expansion, growth and working capital.

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